Bamboo and Clay performed in an amazing blue sky Chappell

Bamboo and Clay in an amazing blue sky Chappell


BAMBOO and CLAY featuring:Fabrice De Graef & Giridhar Udupa

Fabrice De Graef – Bansuri Flute
Giridhar Udupa – Ghatam Percussion
And Parameshwari – Painter

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…To help the orphanage Prema Home in Tamil Nadu state, in south of India, the indian music concert has fascinated the public that where numerous… … Two young renowned artists, Fabrice De Graef and Giridhar Udupa played for the second part of the concert. The first one on bansuri flute, long bamboo instrument, and the second one on ghatam, kind of clay pot witch requires a very skilled technic. Both play in duet since a dozen of years and master their Art. An harmonious evening in the chapel for the greatest pleasure of a happy audience…

…Au profit de l’orphelinat Prema Home dans l’état du Tamil Nadu, au sud de l’Inde, le concert de musique indienne a fasciné l’auditoire de la chapelle des Pénitents blancs, venu nombreux dimanche 19 mai.
… deux jeunes artistes de renom, Fabrice de Graef et Giridar Udupa ont assuré la deuxième partie de ce concert de musique indienne. Le premier à la flûte bansuri, long instrument en bambou, et le second à l’aide du ghatam, sorte de pot d’argile qui demande une technique très sûre. Tous deux jouent en duo depuis une dizaine d’années et sont maîtres de leur art. Une soirée harmonieuse au sein de la chapelle pour le plus grand plaisir d’un public conquis …

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Meditative music in the Caracassonne Basilique by the Bamboo and Clay

C’est de ce lieu empli d’histoire Bamboo and Clay Carcassone Basilique 1que nous avons pu tutoyer les vents magiques qui circulent du cosmos à cette pierre si élégamment élancée vers le ciel. Nous ne l’oublierons jamais, cette grace qui nous a offert cet instant est de ces rares cadeaux de la vie. Merci aussi a Atma de son soutien.

From this place we have been able to touch the magical winds that move from cosmos to this elegant stone work propelled to the sky. We ‘ll never forget the divine gift that was to play in this place and I hope to come back there soon.Bamboo and Clay Carcassone Basilique 2Bamboo and Clay Carcassone Basilique 3


Pranic Dance Bansuri Basilique Carcassonne  04
Pranic Dance Bansuri Basilique Carcassonne  06 Pranic Dance Bansuri Basilique Carcassonne  07


Bamboo and Clay | La Ferme d’En Haut 31 octobre 2014

Le duo, baptisé Bamboo and Clay, proposera un répertoire traditionnel et des réactualisations de classiques lors de cette soirée unique. Amateurs de world musique et de sonorités indiennes, soyez prévenus.

Bamboo and Clay:

Bamboo and Clay 2014 Theater

Fabrice De graef, flûtiste bansuri et Giridhar Ghatam Udupa, virtuose du ghatam (percussion indienne) sont en concert exceptionnel a La Ferme d’En haut:

Public Ferme d'En Haut


Nous serons au Theatre de La Ferme d’En Haut a Villeuneve d’Asq 59 près de Lille le vendredi 31 octobre !!!DID YOU LOVED « BAMBOO AND CLAY »? We will be performing at Ferme d’en Haut Theater in Villeneuve d’Asq on the friday 31st of october


 La Ferme d’En Haut
268 rue Jules Guesde, 59650 Ascq, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France

0 A l’est de la Bretagne – Auroville India.

Auroville Radio - A l'est de la Bretagne

A l'Est de la Bretagne. "Une longue chevelure blonde et des yeux clair, Fabrice musicien d'origine gauloise, a choisi de se lier à la flute en bambou indienne. Auroville est depuis longtemps un endroit magnétique pour lui. C'est peut-être ici qu'il fait le point de ses progrès de musicien et de sadak.  C'est peut-être ici qu'un jour il finira par s'arrêter. Pour l'instant il continue sa vie de nomade et sa flute éclaire de temps en temps les couchers de soleil auroviliens..." Auroville Radio

0 The Indian Music has Mesmerized the Audiens…

Press - Midi Libre Bamboo and Clay a fasciné le publicPress - Midi Libre Bamboo and Clay a fasciné le public
[en] ...Artists have fascinated the public thanks to their music. (© D.R) ...To help the orphanage Prema Home in Tamil Nadu state, in south of India, the indian music concert has fascinated the public that where numerous... ... Two young renowned artists, Fabrice De Graef and Giridhar Udupa...
[fr] Les artistes ont fasciné le public grâce à leur musique. (© D.R) ...Au profit de l'orphelinat Prema Home dans l'état du Tamil Nadu, au sud de l'Inde... // ...deux jeunes artistes de renom, Fabrice de Graef et Giridar Udupa...

0 Bamboo & Clay @ Galway Theater An Taibhdhearc

Bamboo & Clay @ Galway Ireland Theater

An Taibhdhearc Pranic Dance

 An Taibhdhearc 


Sean Agus Nua presents: BAMBOO AND CLAY: A Celebration of Indian Music.

featuring the music of Fabrice de Graef and Ghatam Giridhar Udupa

Fabrice de Graef is a professional bamboo bansuri flute player one of the very few in the West. In fact, Fabrice is the only Western bansurist to have ever received an Indian government scholarship to study with H. P. Chaurasia and Dr. L. Subramaniam, one of the best masters of our time.

The main focus of Fabrice’s work remains the classical Indian duet format: the music of the bansuri flute and classical Indian percussion instruments as he learned it from his Indian teachers. A traditional Indian raga usually consists of An Taibhdhearctwo parts: first comes the alap, an unaccompanied introduction that embodies the innate meditative traits of Fabrice’s music. Then starts the gat as the percussions join in to expresses openness, virtuosity and freedom to improvise…
and most importantly, the joy with which Fabrice interacts with the other musicians onstage.
At a concert in 2006, Fabrice’s band had to use a gatham instead of a tabla. This happened because the tabla had
not been tuned in time for the show. The magic sound of this impromptu combination gave rise to a concert programme called « Bamboo And Clay ». A series of concerts featuring this program followed, culminating at the 2011 Festival of India in Montpeyroux, where the band was received with a standing ovation.


Ghatam Giridhar Udupa is one of the leading musicians in the world of rhythm. Thumping into the musical world at an IMG_0951age as tender as 4, Udupa has been mesmerizing the audience with his immaculate style and innate creativity. Udupa, a commerce graduate, has treaded the path of music with a heart of an artist and the will of an innovator. His persistence for perfection has taken him to the league of the nation’s most sought after percussionists. He performs on the Ghatam, the Indian claypot. He also performs on varied South Indian percussion instruments including Mridangam, Khanjira and Morsing. He renders Konnakol (syllables) with equal aplomb.


0 Irish Bansuri & Bamboo and Clay in Arus na nGael





This is to say that that we are extremely happy and honored that the Bamboo & Clay project will be playing in the celtic music kingdom, the island of music : IRELAND… I hope we will be many to join the party !!



Irish Bansuri - Arus Na nGael



0 Bamboo & Clay – Beautiful review of our concert « La Voix Du Nord »

Bamboo and Clay Voix du Nord 1Bamboo and Clay Lille Pramath KieranBamboo and Clay Voix du Nord 2[fr] "Les amateurs de musique du monde n'ont pas boudé leur plaisir... ont été nombreux à prendre place ...Le virtuose de la flûte bansuri ...mélodieux technique largement maîtrisée ont conquis la salle."
[en] "The Bansuri virtuoso interpreted the "Alap". The meditative and flying moment... the magical and melodious sounds, the fully mastered technic, have conquested the theatre."